Do You Get Access to the Market for a Forex Trade 

Forex trade market usually needed forex brokers to carry out the exchange between buyers and sellers. Technological advancements brought about massive changes and now the forex market includes technology for exchange as well. The forex trade has CFDs that allows leverages. Other than this benefit of the forex market, the traders have direct access to the market. This type of forex trade is called Direct Market Access (DMA) where no third parties or intermediaries are involved. The trader has direct access to the physical market. He or she witnesses all currencies and their prices to place any trade.

Benefits of Direct Market Access (DMA)

Forex brokers [โบรกเกอร์ forex, which is the term in Thai] are not involved in this trade so the benefits are different from the common types of trade. Here are some of those benefits.

You Set Price in Every Trade

The DMA offers you the most important benefit of all times. Brokers used to set the price. You had to obey during buying or selling. The trend has changed. Now you have direct access to the physical market so you set the price of the trade. Buying or selling is done as per your requirements.

Rapid Execution of the Trade 

The execution of every trade is faster. You do not have to wait long for a buyer or seller to come. You set the price and you execute it as soon as possible.

Transparency of the Market 

The market becomes transparent for you. In the conventional forex market, you had to get in touch with the broker for a trade. The market was not transparent to you. Now you have physical access so you can witness the trends easily. A transparent market is a gift for you.

Direct Market Access (DMA) has evolved as a rapid change in the forex market. It comes with several benefits for the trader. You just have to know them all to be get access easily.

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