What Is The Difference Between Translation And Interpretation?

Everyone is aware of the term translation. People use this in their work routine to communicate with the people of other countries and people of different languages. There are many translation apps which are used to translate different languages like English translation, and Malaysia translation (รับ แปล ภาษา มาเลเซีย which is the term in Thai) to make your work easy.

Difference Between Translation And Interpretation:

Translation and interpretation are both closely related to each other. Functionality of both are similar with a slight difference. Translation is the written conversion of language, while on the other hand, interpretation is spoken conversion of language. An interpreter translates the language by speaking, and a translator converts the language by writing them.

The only difference in translation and interpretation is the medium of conversion of language. one is written and the other is oral. If you want French translation (รับ แปล ภาษา ฝรั่งเศษ which is the term in Thai) you need to provide written material for translation. But if you want to communicate with someone in french, you need an interpreter to translate your words.

Skills of A Translator And Interpreter:

The skills of both interpreter and translators are highly different from each other

  • The translator can change the language into the targeted languages by using good dictionaries and references for different materials. But on the other hand, an interpreter needs to change the language on the spot they don’t have time to use references and dictionaries.
  • A good translator can change the document in his native language or any other one or two languages, but an interpreter must be capable to convert any language on the spot without any help.
  • A translator has time to change the language while an interpreter has only a few seconds to change the language.

Both of them have their own responsibilities and they both need excellent proficiency in their work and both jobs need experience candidates.

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